Reshuffle in Guild, new Edelweiss roster and third player in Ghost

The first closed qualification for the first regional tournament of the Winter season of the Rocket League starts literally tomorrow, and reshuffles keep coming and going, and what kind of reshuffles they are.

Welcome, Deevo
Yesterday, the community found out that the champion of RLCS S7 — Kyle «Scrub Killa» Robertson, left Guild Esports. Personally, in my opinion, the reason for leaving is not reaching the playoffs on RLCS Season X — Fall: EU Major, where team took 9th-11th place and earned $2,000.
The Scotsman has been in the organization since the opening of the Rocket League roster, since July 23 this year. According to sources, Singularity may become Kyle’s new team.
And the third player Guild, we already know, meet David «Deevo» Morrow, who previously played in FC Barcelona.

And so the final roster of Guild Esports:

Edelweiss Esports
The seventh of November we learnt the roster who will represent Edelweiss Esports on RLCS Winter Split and Grid Qualifiers.
Lukas «Zaphare» Jakober, who has been in the organization since August 2020, was joined by Wagner «Eversax» Benjamin and Amir «Texo» Mamedov. Wagner had previously played for Keep calm and improve, 140 BPM and Notorious Legion Esport. In it’s turn, Amir defended the colors of iCONICS Sports, Clacial and Coconutters.
Tomorrow, the guys will have to play at RLCS Season X — Winter: Europe Regional Event 1 — Closed Qualifier, wish good luck for young team.

Ghost Gaming
After a disappointing result on RLCS Season X — Fall: NA Major, where team took 15th-16th place, there was a replacement. Luccas «Luke» Oyarce left the organisation and and in his place came Jack «mectos» Privitera. Previously Jacke played for Plot Twist and Chaos EC.

The new roster has already played a couple of official matches, having successfully qualified for WSOE Online III: Rocket League, but at the tournament itself, unfortunately, the Ghost didn’t leave the group. But for that, they also successfully qualified for RLCS Season X — Winter: The Grid NA — Week 1 which starts on November 12th.

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