Progress of the week — 09.11

According to the good old tradition, our weekly column is published on Tuesdays — Progress of the week. Today we will talk about a team that has climbed 200 places, as well as two growing teams outside the top 50.

One of the first huge leaps in my memory happened at the end of the last week, the renewed MIBR roster rose from 234 place to 33 place, +201. Of course, it happened due to Brazilian Blast performances. In group C with Furia, Astralis and G2, they won against each team at least one map, and even won a full-fledged match against compatriots. On tournament we saw the reactions of players during maps, it was seen how the Brazilians were striving for victory, shouts, joy, good morale and excellent shooting — the key to the small success of the MIBR. The second tournament for the new roster already starts today, Flashpoint S2, where in first match brazilians will meet with BIG.

The second team in our today’s topic will be the Swedish team — Lilmix. The Roster is a prime example of the combination of experience and youth. Max «quix» Lindkvist and Jonathan «b0denmaster» Bodenmalm not only the players, but also the CEO and manager. And a trinity of young Swedes represented by Adam «bq» Bergqvist, Leo «Svedjehed» Svedjehed and Isak «isak» Fahlén add youth and passion to the roster.
With coming of isak, Swedish team won OMEN CS:GO Open Season 3 and ESEA Cash Cup — Europe: Autumn 2020 #3. At this time, the guys are playing in several online tournaments at once: Nine to Five #6, Cyber.Bet Golden League, Fourtune Cup 1, ESEA Advanced S35 and Fragleague Season 5.
As you can see, the guys have a lot of matches, so the next days will be a real test for the players. According to the results of the new rating, Lilmix takes 65th place and at all times strive for the top 30.

Lilmix is a Swedish esports organization

The last heroes of our topic are the Polish collective — Pact. Over the past seven days, the team reached the semi-finals of ESL Polish Championship Autumn 2020 and reached first place in group on Nine to Five 6 Dawn — 1-4th.
The roster has not changed since January of this year, which testifies to the careful preparation of the team and the readiness to move to a new level. Now there are at least 6 teams from Poland that are in the tier 2-3 echalon, there is competition on the stage, which is a good sign. The last three weeks, the Pact has only climbed closer and closer to the top 50, on November 9, they are 57th and 6th in Poland, approaching Avez and Izako Boars.
As usually, we wish good luck for team and and success in the next matches.

PACT is a Polish esports organization.

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