RLCS Season X — Winter: Europe Regional Event 1- Preview

This week, the long-awaited closed qualifiers for the first Winter Split tournament in Europe took place, and today the Main Event is already starting, so we drove to figure out what was what.

Participants: The list of participants is formed from 12 invited teams and the same number from closed qualifications. According to the results of the qualifiers, all the favorites, with the exception of Barça and SWAG (Kuxsir’s team), entered the main event.

It should be noted that the organizers changed the format of the event. Instead of the Swiss system for the group and single-elimination bracket in the playoffs, now there will be one big double-elimination bracket.

This is what the grid looks like for the first games.

And at the end, some of the transfers that were announced earlier were confirmed. Ronaky is in Team Liquid and Scrub Killa is in Singularity.

Matches start today at 17:00 CET and until 22-23 CET, watch as always at https://www.twitch.tv/rocketleague

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