IEM XV — Beijing : Europe — Results of group A

In first episode about Intel Extreme Masters XV — Beijing, we talked about first matches. Today we’ll talk about next 4 matches.
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In relegation matches, Team Spirit took victory over OG, leaving no chance to the opponent, in the another match Mad Lions punished Fnatic for underestimating, 2-1, I remember the performance from the new captain of lions — Rasmus «HooXi» Nielsen, who gave 31-13 statistics on the third map.
Should note that OG and Fnatic were invited to Flashpoint S2 and and in the near future they will perform at this tournament.

Unfortunatelly, neither Spirit nor Mad Lions couldn’t consolidate the success and lost to Na’Vi and Team Vitality, respectively. «Dragons» looked good against the background of their direct competitor in the region, but as always, the excellent individual form from the leaders of the «Born to Win» predetermined the fate of the match. In its turn, Danes didn’t show any resistance against Team Vitality, who continue to practice switching players between cards, which is effective by the way.

Group B
The matches in group B have already started, in the Danish derby Heroic defeated North. To your attention a bracket in group B.

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