RLCS Season X — Winter: Europe Regional Event 1 — First losses

Two match days of the First Regional Tournament of the Winter Season in the RLCS are already behind, let’s talk about it.

Bracket after two gamedays:

Following the results, we see the following picture: Almost all the favorites will participate in at least the third game day, except for Liquid, which Danes Ronaky and Remkoe joined the day before, as a player and coach, respectively, but unfortunately both matches without a single won card, and «Horses» take off from the tournament. Unexpectedly confidently moves along the bracket — Team Queso, who defeated Wolves and Galaxy Racer, will meet against Oxygen Esports today.

Spanish team won against Wolves Esports and Galaxy Racer with results 3-0 in both matches

Interesting meetings await us at the beginning of the game day, BDS against Dignitas and Vitality against Guild. Representatives of the French did not change their roasters in the offseason, but Dignitas and Guild made changes, and it will be interesting to see what the top teams in Europe will show us today.

How as usual, you can watch RLCS Winter Split Regional Event 1 on https://www.twitch.tv/rocketleague, first match will start at 17 CET, enjoy and support your favorite team.

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