Team Envy — champions of RLCS Season X — Winter: North America Regional Event 1

The first tournament of Winter Split in North America has come to an end, Team Envy with Turbopolsa, Mist and Atomic became the champions, won $30,000 and received 401 Points to RLCS Circuit Ranking.

The list of participants was formed as follows: 7 teams from Season 9, Fall Ranking and Closed Qualifier.

Bracket: The format of the event, as in Europe, has changed, now it is double-elimination bracket, all matches before Winner’s semifinals and Loser’s Quaterfinals are bo5, after — bo7.

1. Autumn champion — Spacestation Gaming, failed and took over 9th-12th place.
2. The team that knocked out Spacestation from the tournament — Pittsburgh Knights showed great progress, beating on the way Alpine and G2, overall finished fourth.
3. The NRG, who lost their first match in the tournament, then reached the final, winning twice on a clean sheet 4-0.
4. And our champions — Team Envy, who haven’t lost a single series, won last map — Champions Field on overtimes.

Next Regional Event in North America will held on 10th December, Europe kicks off this week, so stay tuned.

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