RLCS Season X — Winter: Europe Regional Event 2 — Preview

So we approached the second tournament within the framework of the Winter season in the Rocket League, let’s go get acquainted.

Compared to the first tournament, there is only one change in the composition of the participants, instead of «The Drifters» and Stealth7 eSports, will participate Curling Kids and Atlantide Wave.

The format has not changed:

  • 24 teams — 12 auto-qualified and 12 qualified through the Closed Qualifier.
  • Double Elimination Bracket.
  • In the Grand Finals, the team coming from the Losers’ Bracket will need to Bracket Reset their opponents coming from the Winners’ Bracket.
    • All matches up to and including Winners’ Quarterfinals and Losers’ Round 4 are Bo5, all rounds beyond that stage are Bo7.

In comparison with the first tournament, Endpoint and Fedewey start their way from the first round, and their places in the second were taken by Oxygen and Team Queso.

Matches will start at 17 CEST, you can watch on https://www.twitch.tv/rocketleague.

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