First Strike — Day 1

So we waited for the start of the most prestigious tournament 2020 in Valorant — First Strike. Let’s take a look at the results in four regions after the first game day.

In Turkey, the format is different, instead of single-elimination bracket — double-elimination. Actually, more matches more emotions. First four matches ended predictably, all favorites took victory yesterday, there are : Oxygen eSports, Futbolist, Sangal and BBL Esports.

In today’s matches, Futbolist have already won against Sangal and will play tomorrow in Upper Bracket Final. In their favor, Besiktas lost against Anatolia and left the tournament, earn $1,023.

In this region, like in two next, the format is single-elimination bracket, all matches are bo3, Grand Final is bo5.
Both matches ended 2:0, both favorites won against outsiders.

For today’s matches, I can say that match between Axsor and Singularity is 50 to 50, in another, community believe more in Gambit than AoeXe.

We are moving to the European region, which can be safely called the best in terms of the level of teams and players who play there. Yesterday we could see two matches, Team Liquid vs Heretics and G2 vs Orgless.

The first match turned out to be full with three maps, Heretics won Split 13-7, Scream & co answered with a victory on the second, and the third was held in the best traditions, with drama and passion, and the best that evening were lowel and co who won Bind 15-13.

The second match gave us no less emotion. The eternal G2 champions faced Orgless. Mixwell’s team led 10-2 but lost control of the situation and now the score is 11-11, but the clutches from davidp helped his team to win Split. The fight continued on Bind, but again the performance from the Belgian interfered with Orgless’s plans, G2 go on.

Today we have two matches, SUMN will meet with Purple Cobras, nolpenki will try to win against FunPlus Phoenix.

North America
So we come to North America. The competition is crazy here, each team has famous players from different disciplines.

Yesterday, both favorites easily won, I’m talking about Team Envy and Team Solomid.

Today, they are waiting for us very intersting matches, 100 Thieves will meet with T1, Sentinels with Faze Clan.

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