Results of Quaterfinals — DreamHack Masters Winter 2020: Europe — Day 5

Yesterday four quarterfinals took place, the names of the semi-finalists are known, let’s go and talk in more detail.


Let’s start our story from match, Mousesports vs Cloud9. These teams met last week at the Blast Showdown, and then karrigan & co took victory. The same thing happened yesterday. Both maps (Nuke and Inferno) ended with the similar score — 16:12. Even two 1-in-5 clutches from Floppy on the first map did not help his team to catch at least one of the maps.

But the second match gave us a sensation. 23rd team rating from HLTVGodsent in a grueling match beat the second team in the world — Heroic. The European team, without hesitation, got down to business and, to a greater extent, through the efforts of the Farlig, won Inferno. On Vertigo, thanks to insane performance by René «TeSeS» Madsen, Heroic transferred the meeting to Train. But Asger «farlig» Jensen intervened again, destroying the opponent with his sniper rifle and helping his team to the semifinals.

The next match is between Gambit and Astralis. For a young team from the CIS, the quarterfinals at such a tournament is already a huge achievement, and the lack of experience in playing against the top teams makes itself felt. 2-0 in favor of the Astralis, but Gambit didn’t look like whipping boys.

In match between Furia and CoL, it feels like only one team played, namely the Brazilian team. Insane performance by Yuri «yuurih» Santos helped his team to defeat the opponent, 16:8 and 16:6.

These are the semifinal meetings awaiting us today, I promise you it will be very, very hot.

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