First Strike — Day 2

The second day of First Strike has passed, let’s talk about it.

BBL Esports will acompany the Futbolist in upper bracket final thanks to victory over one of the favorite of First Strike : Turkey — Oxygen eSports. Based on the results of yesterday’s games, Haze Clan and Besiktas eSports left the tournament, took 7th-8th place and earned $1,023.

Now the next elimination matches are in full swing, a little later there will be a match between BBL and Futbolist, where will decide the name of the first finalist.

The first match of the second game day in CIS gave us a full-fledged bo3 with a notch. Axsor met with Singularity, it was really intersting. Both maps that Singularity won ended too quickly 13-7 and 13-5, while Axsor won 13-11.

The second match ended before they could start, Gambit defeated AoeXe 13-4 and 13-3.

Today’s matches are completely 50-50, all + — teams are playing at the same level, the hacks will be unrealistic.

Yesterday’s matches in Europe were less interesting than on the first match day, SUMN FC and FPX easily wonagainst Purple Cobras and Nolpenki respectively.

Match between Heretics and G2 is 50 to 50, but FunPlus Phoenix more better than SUMN, here 70 to 30 in favor of ANGE1’s team.

North America
In this region situation is similar like in CIS, There are 4 equal teams left, each of which can win a trophy. 100Thieves won against T1 with one score 13:10 on both maps, in their favor Sentinals took victory over Faze Clan, as well 2:0.

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