Mousesports and Astralis reach the final — DreamHack Masters Winter 2020: Europe

So we waited for the culmination of DreamHack Masters Winter 2020: Europe, today is the Bo5 final, not before that, we’ll find out who made it to this final.

Mousesports — Godsent
Just last week, these teams met in the Blast Showdown, when the mice easily won 2:0. Before the match, the player Godsent — Martin «STYKO» Styk, tweeted that they would try to take revenge by surprising them.

On the first map, that was how it went, with Godsent leading the streak thanks to a win at Nuke, 16-13. To the campaign of the second map, Mirage, it seemed that the sensation could not be avoided, STYKO & co were 13-10, but through the efforts of Bymas, Mousesports took 6 rounds in a row and took victory on the second map.

Godsent did not even think about giving up, having issued a confident start on Inferno, 7-0. But Mousesports had a different opinion on this score, first taking all the remaining rounds of the first half, and even the defeat in the second pistol round did not embarrass them, they and they issued another series this time out of 7 and brought them to victory.

Astralis — FURIA
On paper, the second match was supposed to be the highlight of the evening, but it was not there. The Danes in the literal sense of the word defeated the opponent, 16-7 and 16-6, even Lucas «Bubzkji» Andersen played instead of Xyp9x on Nuke.

The final is waiting for us very exciting and interesting, it’s after all, bo5.

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