The final is close — First Strike

The final matches of First Strike will take place today — we will find out who is the best team in their regions.

The final of the lower bracket has already taken place in Turkey, Futbolist won against Oxygen, 2:0. Now the grand final is underway, BBL is leading now 2:0, starts final with 1 map advantage.

This region gave us a lot of emotions. In fist match Forze won against Rox 2-1, on first map Art1st & co defeated the opponent 13-3, Rox answered them with a victory on Bind 13-10. The third map was Icebox, which by the way was played for the first time in this region, the final score of 13-8 in favor of Forze showed who was better prepared for this tournament.

A couple of Forze’s in the final were representatives of the Singularity. Inspire of lose on first map against Gambit, on next two (Bind and Split), Gray & co just didn’t notice the opponent, 13-6 and 13-5.

It was hot in Europe yesterday. The eternal winners of all tournaments, G2 yesterday in a fierce struggle lost to Heretics. Lowel & co won Ascent making a comeback with a score of 3-9, G2 answered them a victory on Bind, 13-5. The third map, Split, was played in an equal fight, both teams kept close to each other, but through the efforts of the loWel, who got his second MVP in a row, Heretics knocked out G2 from the tournament and went to play the grand final.

After the victory on the first map 13-4, there was nothing ahead for FPX, but but the answer from SUMN FC was tough. 13-8 on Haven and 13-6 on Bind, and SUMN FC secured spot in grand final of First Strike Europe.

North America
The first semi-final in North America, before it started, it was already over. TSM defeated Team Envy, 13-7 and 13-5. The second semi-final was very intersting. 100 Thieves won on overtimes on Icebox, 14-12. Sentinals didn’t want to give up, took Haven in his active, 13-9. Thanks to confident first half, 100 Thieves brought the matter to a positive end, and will join TSM in the grand final.

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