They made history — Champions of First Strike in 4 regions, Who they are?

So these magnificent four days of good, high-quality competitive Valorant have come to an end, let’s go to summarize the results.

The final in Turkey ended too quickly, the BBL already had the advantage of one map, the next two ended in the same way in favor of the BBL, as a result 3-0 and $20,000 dollars in the piggy bank.

In CIS, grand final was very dramatic. Forze won first two maps, Singularity didn’t give up and answered with two victrories on 3rd and 4th map, but Gray’s wards did not have enough strength for the fifth map, Forze won on Askent 13-7 and became champions of First Strike CIS.

Thanks to 3rd MVP medal by loWel, his team — Heretics, won against SUMN FC with the score 3-1. For SUMN, grand final started badly, they lost Ascent 13-1, but found the strength to level the score thanks to the victory on Icebox. didn’t want to mess around for a long time, won Haven 13-5 and 13-11 on Bind and became the champions of First Strike Europe.

North America
In NA region, the grand final was fire. 100Thieves which have in their composition such legends cs as Hiko, nitr0 and steel, in final defeated Team Solomid with score 3-1 and earned $40,000.

Plans for the next season:
Riot had already announced new serious of tournament for any level of teams , so the fans only have to wait, and the teams prepare.

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