The strike from the players and the first 6v6 match — BLAST Premier: Fall 2020 — Day 1

The first day was very tense, with nerves, but the fans definitely got emotions. You can read the preview of the tournament here.

The Strike from the players before matches:
Right before the first match between Vitality and Mousesports, twitter account of Counter-Strike Professional Players’ Association (CSPPA) published tweet in which it was about the reluctance of players to provide Blast with their personal video and audio information.

After two hours of negotiations, Chris «chrisJ» de Jong tweeted that Blast will talk with players about audio and video access.

Team Vitality — Mousesports
The fans have been waiting for the start of the first match for a long time, but it ended too quickly. Vitality who rested after triumph on IEM Bejing, met with finalist of DreamHack MastersMousesports. As usual, the French team uses their sixth player — Nabil «Nivera» Benrlitom on Inferno, and it paid off — a 16-7 win. On Dust2 Zywoo and Shox had already showed insane performance, easily won 16-8, and transfer Mousesports to play elimination match.

Natus Vincere — Astralis
The confrontation between these two has already become a classic, and since yesterday it has also become unique. Half an hour before the match, the Ukrainian organization announced the participation of Valerii «B1T» Vakhovskyi in the match as 6 player. The debut took place on the Inferno map, the young player replaced the flamie, but unfortunatelly Natus Vincere on first map 14-16. Then Astralis used their sixth player — Lucas «Bubzkji» Andersen played on Nuke instead of Xyp9x. Danish team led 12-6 but Na’Vi showed strong defense and took 10 rounds in a row and transfered match into 3rd map — Dust2. On Dust2 both team played with their main rosters, Na’Vi won first half 9-6 but Astralis took 7 rounds in a row and now the score is 14-12 in favor of the Danes. But then the CIS team revealed their best practices and with an excellent fake round with a score of 14-14 brought the meeting to a happy ending.

Today, will hold three mathes: Furia will meet with G2, OG with BIG, Astralis and Mousesports will decide who who will be the first to leave the tournament.

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