G2 take revenge on Furia, Mousesports left the tournament — Blast Premier Fall Finals 2020 — Day 2

The second game day of Blast Premier Fall Finals 2020 gave us three interesting matches, it’s time to discuss them. About first game day you can read here.


G2 — Furia
Before Blast, G2 decided to bench Audric «JaCkz» Jug, thereby abandoning the six-player roster. Last of match between this teams was held one week ago, in that match, Furia took victory over G2 within DreamHack Masters 2020. Yesterday, the European team took revenge for the last defeat. Although at first, the chances weren’t optimistic, Furia won first map with score 16-5, but through efforts of Niko and Nexa, G2 took Mirage on overtimes, on 3rd map Niko’s cousin — hunter got down to business and helped his team to win against Brazilians.

OG and BIG as well recently met, on Flashpoint S2, OG won against Germans 2:0, knocking them out of the tournament. But yesterday the score 2:0 wasn’t in favor of the OG.

AleksiB & co took the lead at the end of the first half, and even won the second pistol round, but Big showed reinforced concrete defense and won Dast — 16:12. The similar situation repeated on Inferno. OG again won first half and BIG againt made come back and won 16-14.

Mousesports — Astralis
The first elimination match was played with the participation of recent Dreamhack finalists — Astralis and Mousesports. But unfortunately there was only one team on two maps. Astralis easily won against karrigan & co, 16-5 on Nuke and 16-8 on Vertigo.

Already in full swing holding second elimination match between Furia and OG, later Na’Vi will meet with Vitality, G2 will try to win against BIG.

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