FURIA escaped from being kicked out of the tournament, Vitality upsets Navi again — Blast Premier Fall Finals 2020 — Day 3

Third game day gave for us interactive and nervous matches , let’s go discuss about them.


Brazilians can rightfully be called the kings of Inferno, Furia won 9 Inferno’s in a row, in the last six, they never lost more than 9 rounds. Yesterday, the guys from the OG got under the hot hand. Despite a bad start, 0-5 in favor of OG, Furia took solid series of rounds and won first half 9-6. In the second half, Brazilian’s defense allowed to take only 3 rounds.

OG picked Mirage as their map and it worked. Four players of the European team finished the match with a minimum of 1.18 at once, although FURIA won 4 clutches but it didn’t help to take Mirage.

The third map was the crown Nuke. Again Yuri «yuurih» Santos showed insane performance, made an ace on Nuke and with Hen1 helped his team to survive on Blast.

Vitality — Natus Vincere
I’m sure that community eagerly waited this match. And how the players of the Ukrainian organization were waiting for him, in order to take revenge for the defeat in the final of IEM Bejing.

Na’Vi confidently started, won first 4 rounds but Vitality adopted to opponent’s attack and brought half to their advantage, 8-7. The second half was in a similar scenario, Na’Vi had two map points, but Vitality firstly tranfer match into overtimes, then won 4 rounds and took Nuke 19-15.

On Dust2, Nivera joined the French. s1mple & co lost pistol round, but after that took 6 rounds in a row. The completely mirrored scenario was repeated in the second half, the CIS team took the pistol round, and the French took 7 rounds in response. Again overtimes, again Vitality took 4 rounds and won 19:17.

It can be seen how BIG are angry with themselves for relegation at an early stage on Flashpoint S2, that they decided to go through all the teams on Blast Fall Finals.

Yesterday G2 hit a German car. With the arrival of Niko, G2 have not won a single Inferno, including yesterday’s match against BIG, and the overall win rate in recent months is only 30 percent. But on Dust2 the situation is better, despite the comeback from BIG in the second half, G2 transferred the meeting to the third map.

Before meeiting on Mirage, European team had streak of 6 victories on this map, but BIG with the efforts of Tabsen and Tizian, they interrupted the winning streak of G2 and reached the final of the upper bracket de tomorrow to meet Vitality.

Today, will hold two matches of lower bracket, Astralis will meet with G2, Natus Vincere will try to win against FURIA.

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