Astralis and Natus Vincere come out the winners — Blast Premier Fall Finals 2020 — Day 4

Based on the results of matches of game day 4, G2 and FURIA left the tournament, lost against Astralis and Natus Vincere respectevily.


Astralis — G2
These collectives met within DreamHack Masters Winter then Astralis knokcked out European from the tournament. Yesterday’s match was no exception. G2 still have problems with Inferno, yesterday’s defeat became the fifth in a row. Although the beginning of Inferno was confident, G2 won first half 11-4, but Astralis made comeback, transfer match into overtimes and then efforts of dupreeh and Magisk won 22-19.

On Dust2, only Astralis played. 16:2 in favor of Danes and they’re waiting for winner’s match — FURIA against Na’Vi.

FURIA — Natus Vincere
Finally, FURIA’s nine-match winning streak on inferno is over. CIS machine stopped brazillians. As already said, Valerii «B1T» Vakhovskyi will play instead of flamie on Inferno, yesterday’s match ended successfully for young talent.

On Nuke, Natus Vincere finished off the bloodless rival and went back to Astralis.

Today, will hold two matches, upper-bracket final — Vitality vs BIG and a rematch between Astralis and Na’Vi.

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