Team Vitality — Champions of BLAST Premier: Fall 2020

In grand final, French team won against Astralis 2:1 and became the champions of BLAST Premier: Fall 2020, earned $225,000.

Final Bracket:

On the way to the final, Astralis took revenge on Natus Vincere and knocked out BIG from the tournament.

Both maps which Vitality won, were easy for French team, 16:4 and 16:5 on Vertigo and Astralis respectively. The 6th player of Vitality — Nabil «Nivera» Benrlitom played instead Misutaaa on Dust2 and instead of shox on Inferno.

Should note that for the first place, team received slot on World Finals of BLAST, but Vitality due to the fact that they already had the required amount for the passage, the slot was automatically transferred to the silver medalist — Astralis.

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