Team Envy — triumphants of RLCS Season X — Winter: North America Regional Event 2

Turbopolsa & co thanks to the victory over Spacestation Gaming became two-time champions of RLCS Season X — Winter: North America Regional Events.

Prize fund distribution:

On the way to final, Team Envy as in the first tournament didn’t lose not a single match. Spacestation lost in the first match, but then easily advanced to the final.

Intersting fact: In the Grand Finals, the team coming from the Losers’ Bracket will need to Bracket Reset their opponents coming from the Winners’ Bracket, so Spacestation to become champions you had to run twice in more than 7 matches. They nevertheless took the first match into their asset, having won 4: 3, but for the next they did not have enough strength and Envi won 4: 0 on a dry sheet over the opponent.

The next Regional Event in North America will hold from 23th till 31th January, while in Europe from 9th till 17th January.

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