Rocket League Summit 2: Europe — Preview

Rocket League Summit 2 is the second Major event hosted by Beyond The Summit, provided with top players competing within a casual atmosphere.



  • Main Tournament — December 17-20th
    • Group Stage — December 17-18th
      • 8 teams, split into 2 groups of 4.
      • Double Elimination Format (GSL) groups, where the Top 3 from each group advances to the Playoffs.
        • All matches Bo7.
    • Playoffs — December 20th
      • Double Elimination Bracket.
      • Top 2 from each group start in the Winners’ Bracket, while teams finishing 3rd in their group start in the Losers’ Bracket.
        • All matches Bo7.
  • Holiday Crew Battle — December 17-18th
    • Custom Tetherball (Semifinals) and Capture The Flag (Finals) Modes.
    • Single Elimination Bracket.
      • All matches Bo3.

Beyond the Summit ever hosted very comfortable and cozy tournaments in their gaming house in LA, but now in pandemic hours, unfortunately BTS can’t do it. But all the same, players are already accustomed to this mode, and they will be thrilled to play in the tournament just for fun.

Tournament will hold from 17 till 20 December, prize pool is $25,000. You can follow the matches on the official of BTS,

Team Envy — triumphant of RLCS Season X — Winter: North America Regional Event 2

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