IEM Global Challenge — Results of group stage & Preview of playoffs

So we came to the equator of the last tournament this year in the discipline of CS:GO, so let sum up the results of the group stage and talk more about playoffs.

Group Stage:

In group A, BIG surprised fans, because they won against top 1 & 2, Vitality and Astralis respectively. Expectedly, Complexity couldn’t show any good performance due to they played with stand-in, because poizon had to have a medical operation. Yesterday, despite defeat on Nuke 16-2, Danes team won Dust2 on overtimes, and crushed Vitality on Inferno 16-5.

In group B, everything is much simpler. NAVI won two matches with score 2:0 against FURIA and Team Liquid and secured first place in the group. Liquid firstly took victory over Heroic, and then knocked out Brazilians team from the tournament.


Many analysts say that the final will take place today, in the Astralis — NAVI match. In some ways they are right, but still I think that the Germans from BIG should not be underestimated, I can even say that they are the dark horses of this tournament.

Semifinals are playing in bo3 format, grand-final — bo5.


Natus Vincere vs Astralis — 16:00 CET.
BIG vs Team Liquid — 19:30 CET.

Let me remind you that the winner will receive $200,000 of prize pool.

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