Dignitas is champions of Rocket League Summit 2: Europe

Having lost in the first match, ViolentPanda & co won all next matches and became the champions of Rocket League Summit 2: Europe.

Group Stage:
Suddenly, Galaxy Racer and Endpoint took first places in their groups. Winners of Regional tournaments in Winter Split — Team BDS and Top Blokes, lost both matches and were eliminated from the tournament.


Future champions on the way to final won against Endpoint and Vitality, the second finalist — Giants, started playoffs already from the lower bracket, but twice took victory with score 4:1 against Galaxy Racer and Guild, upset French team, reached the final.

In a key match of the entire tournament, Spanish leading 2-1, but gave up the next three maps, they lost and Dignitas won Rocket League Summit 2: Europe.

Prize fund distribution:

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