Five tasks that NAVI needs to solve to become one of the best CS:GO teams in the world

2020 can definitely be considered an asset to the NAVI CS:GO team. The guys kicked off the year with a win at two championships, and for several weeks occupied the first line of the world rating from HLTV. After the lockdown, things took a bit of a bad turn, but consistent online finals of the fall’s biggest championships allowed the Born to Win to finish the year in a final runner-up.

In this material, we will talk about five tasks and challenges that NAVI needs to cope with in order to become unconditionally and for a long time the top-1 team in the world.

Working with map pool

Let’s think logically. The NAVI team is not currently playing Vertigo, which automatically puts them at a disadvantage when drafting cards in a match. By adding a card to their arsenal, the team will become absolutely universal and will be able to draw cards, starting from the opponent’s shortcomings, and not their own vulnerabilities.

I note that the Juniors have one of the best Vertigo cards, and the same B1T feels comfortable on it. Why else take the 6th player, if not in order to close your weaknesses.

So the incomplete NAVI map pool cannot be considered a weakness.

Individual form of certain players

In 2020, there was quite a lot of talk about the Flamie performance, and with the arrival of B1T in the team and in all, many began to talk about the reshuffle.

In recent tournaments, Yegor was only successful on Nuke, where he played consistently well, but questions arose on other maps from match to match. Also, 2020 was the worst year for flamie in terms of statistics.

The authoritative journalist Richard Lewis seriously said that Yegor needed to leave. But the change of player does not always help the team, perhaps the problem is not in the flamie itself, he simply does not suit the roles he plays.

The same six-player option can help in this situation, using Vasiliev on the above-mentioned Nuke map. Here, both the player and the team will have hard and painstaking work to establish the team mechanism.

Concentration at key points

This point can be started with a quote from CEO NAVI:

“I will express my personal opinion: there is not enough ability to concentrate at key moments of matches. To fix this, guys should go in for sports, eat right and sleep well, and with that while troubles».

This factor can also be called otherwise — stress resistance. You can recall two clutches from ZywOo on the fifth map of the final, which forced NAVI players to tilt. The players themselves said that it was difficult psychological to withstand such a situation and not start to panic.

Yes, the team has already had a psychologist for about a year, and he probably gives the players a lot of impact, but so far, unfortunately, this has not borne fruit.

Let’s hope that in the new season, the guys will start working on this even more and will use the bitter experience so that they will not stumble next time.


This is a very subjective point, since it can both bring great benefits and harm. The community has always wondered why Astralis are so good, they win tournament after tournament, what is the secret other than great shooting and understanding of the game.

The answer is discipline.

The Danes have a nutritionist and fitness trainer with whom they work. Their trainer said that at least they sleep eight hours a day to gain strength and be healthy.

The same approach was taken by the two-time champions of The International in Dota 2 — OG as they headed towards their second victory at the World Championship.

The CEO of NAVI also spoke about sports and proper nutrition in the quote above. You can use the experience of NAVI Junior, at the bootcamp of which there was a daily exercise. Why not incorporate this into the core team? If all players stick to a set plan for sleeping, resting, training, etc., then over time it will bear fruit.

Disadvantage: this approach violates the players’ long-term habits and their individual freedom. In addition, such a daily routine is not just a training process, but part of a lifestyle, which, of course, not everyone will like.

Full 6th player integration

After Valery B1T Vakhovsky’s debut, many analysts were pleased with the young talent’s play. The same Richard Lewis said in his podcast that B1T performed well for a player who plays his first matches at tier 1 against Astralis and Vitality.

And although from the point of view of statistics, the opening came out blurry, but it only showed that the young Ukrainian has an impressive potential that needs to be revealed, including Vakhovsky on other cards.

Looking at the prospects in the face of the players of the Junior and Youth rosters, Natus Vincere should have no problems with personnel. Moreover, in May 2021, Ilya m0NESY Osipov will be 16 years old, and he will be able to play for the main squad at many major tournaments.

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